Coming up on 1 year since we threw the dice...!

Posted on September 02, 2018 by Abraham Silverman | 0 comments

Almost one year ago, we were in the finishing touches of opening our new store location!  We threw the dice, left the location we'd been at for 30 years, and moved down the street to a (then) empty shell of a building!  It was twice the size and intimidating to build a new location largely from scratch....  but the wait was worth it!  Now as we look back over the past year, it seems like a great success!  Won't you come in and visit?

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We are re-opened!

Posted on September 30, 2017 by Abraham Silverman | 1 comment

Wow -- after six months and more contracting problems than you can possibly imagine, S&A Beads is back up and running!  Our new space is just gorgeous -- with almost twice as much room as our old location!  

Our official "sneak peak" pre-opening is October 1, 2017.  We still have a few things to work out -- but our entire staff is so excited to be back and bigger than ever!  After our sneak peak on October 1, we're going to close for another couple of days to finish -- with our grand re-opening on Friday.  After that, we'll have normal hours!

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Beautiful new book about Powered Glass Beads of Africa

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Our friend and bead collector-extraordinaire Billy Steinberg has published a gorgeous new coffee-table style book of African powdered glass beads.  This book is chalk full of some of the most beautiful bead pictures we've ever seen and treats these African-made beads as a true art form worthy of study.  

We will have a copy for you to peruse at our grand opening this weekend!  In the meantime, you can order your own copy from Billy directly at Wild Beads of Africa -- you won't regret it!

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Countdown to the New Opening @ 235 Carroll Street in Mid-August!

Posted on July 17, 2017 by Abraham Silverman | 3 comments

New space.... Check!  Building permits.... Check!  Construction...  Starts tomorrow!  

We are totally excited to let everyone know that our new space is under construction!  We have more beads, more gifts, more gem stones when we open Mid-August!  

Our new address will be 235 Carroll Street, NW, Washington DC 20012!!!

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S&A Beads is Moving!

Posted on February 15, 2017 by Abraham Silverman | 3 comments

After 20+ years at our home base on Laurel Avenue in Takoma Park, S&A Beads is moving across the boundary between the City of Takoma Park, MD to the Takoma neighborhood in the District of Columbia. Our new home is three blocks from the old space. Very near the Takoma Station on Metro Red Line, across from Starbucks, next door to Busboys and Poets and Politics & Prose bookshop. A Yoga shop is coming three doorways away.

Our new address is 235 Carroll Street NW, Washington, DC 20012

Many thanks to all of our customers who have stopped in to wish us well!  We deeply appreciate all your love and support!!!


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The Bead Politics of Beadtopia

Posted on June 28, 2016 by Larry Silverman | 2 comments

S & A Beads, a small gift and bead boutique in Takoma Park, MD has created what may be the first political cartoon this election season made almost entirely of beads. Its latest store window portrays the leading figures of this weird presidential contest - Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders - under the banner of the Republic of Beadtopia. The word balloons above the bobble headed figures reflect the character and positions of each of the candidates:
  • Bernie (hands outstretched): Beads for everybody. 
  • Hillary (holding a strand of broken pearls): I can fix it. 
  • And Donald, (standing next to some really big beads): My beads are huge.  
The main characters are surrounded by smaller figures made from beads carrying placards which echo the great issues of the day. Some examples: 
  • Black beads matter, 
  • Insurance coverage for crystal healing, 
  • All beads all bathrooms, 
  • Give beads a chance, 
  • We will have a bead on the moon by the end of this decade.  

And many more. The closer you look the funnier it gets. Says Cheryl Moody, senior artist at S & A Beads and the designer of the window, "The election news is so depressing, I felt I had to do something to lighten my own mood."  According to Larry Silverman, owner of S & A, "Our customers really love it. Many have suggested additional placards. I am very proud of the wit and the craftsmanship evident in this shop window."

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Mathematically-Inspired Fashion Jewelry by L.S. Watson on Display at S&A Beads!

Posted on April 07, 2016 by Abraham Silverman | 0 comments

As part of our participation in the Takoma Park ART HOP 2016, this weekend, April 9 and 10th, S & A Beads will feature jewelry artist and math whiz, L.S. Watson. His elegant silver, bronze and copper jewelry faithfully represents three dimensional geometric forms discovered by mathematicians during the last 150 years: example, things like the Moebius Strip.

Larry is fascinated with the Geometry of Minimal Surfaces, sometimes called the Geometry of Soap Bubbles.  The idea is that when children wave or blow into their soap bubble wands, the shapes that result contain the least surface area of any shapes that could be formed under the same conditions. Deep stuff in a child’s soap bubble!

Larry is not content to create the forms in metal, but he manipulates them as well: What happens when a strip is folded or twisted together with another strip of the same type? To achieve these effects in metal jewelry, the artist has recourse to 3-D printing and other state of the art tools. The solution to the geometry and engineering problems turns out to be the most elegant and intriguing personal ornaments I have seen in a very long while.

Check out our shop window this week-end to see L.S. Watson's beautiful jewelry in person -- and than walk around to the other stores in Takoma Park to see wonderful art from all of the Art Hop participants!  Math majors have always understood the beauty of their subject. Now all of us can see it, and wear it as well.

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