Ancient Egyptian Beads in ... Scandinavia!?!

Posted on March 11, 2016 by Abraham Silverman | 0 comments

We at S&A Beads are always proud to be in one of the world's most ancient professions -- the bead business, of course!  And in that spirit, we pass along this fabulously fascinating article about modern archaeological digs in Denmark, which turned up beads from all over the world, from ancient Egypt to Mesopotamia (or modern day Iraq).  According to the article, one Danish woman's tomb even showed glass beads made by the same glass factory that made jewelry for King Tut:  

"... the blue beads buried with the women turned out to have originated from the same glass workshop in Amarna that adorned King Tutankhamun at his funeral in 1323 BCE. King Tut´s golden deathmask contains stripes of blue glass in the headdress, as well as in the inlay of his false beard."

Just wonderful to think of ancient Scandinavians trading amber to ancient Egyptians for glass beads!   Read the full article here:

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