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Waist Beads
Culture, Style & Healing

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for buying waist beads. Many people have come in searching for them and left with bags filled with colorful beads and inspiration to make their own!

We don't sell pre-made waist beads in store because its best to custom make them to fit each individual for size but also to personalize it to your style and needs. Some people wear them to keep their waistline in check, others wear them for cultural, spiritual or motivational reasons; adding charms or beads symbolizing things that empower them. It is said that certain stones carry healing powers or characteristics which can be passed on to the wearer of the beads. Style, of course is another big reason people wear waist beads. They compliment any torso and liven up your summer look!


Now that you're inspired to make your own waist beads,

Here's how:

There are two options,either we can do it for you (skip this section and scroll down) or do it yourself! Beading is its own form of therapy. We detail the steps below:



1. Choose your beads and clasp:
We recommend smooth, round, or flat beads that are not scratchy.

Dangling charms is a good way to express yourself or add meaning to your waist beads. We have a TON of charms and pendants in store that are sure to express the uniqueness of each individual!

2. Get your beading wire.
Visit the service desk to get measured for your wire. Consider how you want the waist beads to fit, snug? loose? and where you want them to sit on your hips.

The cost for the wire and findings would cost approximately $7.50 and up.

3. Bead away! String up your waist beads.

We recommend using one of our beading mats to use as a smooth surface while beading, it prevents your beads from rolling away, Don't you hate it when that happens? Try to string them on an open flat surface in an area which is not disturbed by others in case you have to "pause" the beading you want to know that they'll still be there when you return!

4. You're at the finish!

After the beads have been strung its time to finish off with your clasp. We can end/clasp the waist beads for you for a nominal fee of $3-$4, if the finishing is more complex it may cost more. If you know how to apply crimp beads and finish off your waist beads go ahead and work your magic!

You can learn to string your own waist beads by attending our Bead Stringing I class.


Let us do it for you:

We can professionally string your waist beads! The cost for this service is the labor fee (Beginning at $25) plus the cost of materials. The labor fee may be higher depending on the size of the beads and the level of skill to string them.

You choose the beads and clasp, we measure you and professionally string it for you. Its as simple as that. Visit the service desk in store to learn more.





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