B-Grade Chevron Strand


"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of slightly damaged chevrons, yearning to breathe free...."  With apologies to Emma Lazarus, that's what we did with this super-cool strand of broken and damaged chevrons!  The strand is mostly comprised of six layer chevrons, although there are four four-layer chevrons mixed in.  The beads are a mix of conditions -- some have extreme surface wear, others have large chips or are missing color in a few rosettes, and a few are actually in pretty good shape, but have a noticeable chip gouge.      

We aggregated all of these beads together at a super-discount for a jeweler looking to refurbish genuine Venetian chevrons into something new or just someone who loves old chevrons with a story to tell!  Note that, as far as we can tell, all of the beads are structurally sound -- meaning that no matter how much wear they exhibit, none are in obvious danger of cracking.  

The strand measures 20 inches long.  The largest bead measures 30 mm in length and 23 mm in diameter.  The smallest bead measures 15 mm in length x 18 mm in diameter.

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