Mixed Strand of Fancy Venetian Trade Beads


Great strand of graduated African trade beads.  These beads were made in Europe and then traded to Africa in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  This particular strand features a wide array of different beads -- including a King Bead in the middle of the strand.  Many of the beads are examples of rare types, but almost all the beads on this strand are in mixed condition.  Many of the beads -- particularly the larger beads -- are missing a little bit of their design or are extremely weathered or are chipped or cracked.  The smaller beads at the top of the strand, by contrast, are in great shape.  

The strand measures approximately 28 inches long.  The center bead measures 21 mm in diameter and 18 mm in width.  The smaller beads measure between 4-6 mm in diameter.  

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