Strand of Four Layer Chevrons - Light and Dark Blue


Great strand of vintage four layer chevrons, traded to Africa in the late 19th or early 20th century.  What makes this strand really cool are the fact that it's divided in half between traditional dark blue chevrons and some light blue chevrons that have a super-thin layer of blue glass as their outer layer, giving the beads a light blue streaky look.

These beads are not in perfect condition -- about seven of the beads are cracked or chipped or are missing some serious decorative detail.  The majority of the broken beads are of the lighter blue variety (coincidence or less stable glass?).  The rest are in good to excellent condition, meaning that they have some minor flaw or imperfection visible upon close inspection.  

Strand measures 30 inches long.  The dark blue beads come in two sizes -- matched beads measuring 22 mm long by 15 mm in diameter, and another set of matched beads measuring 24 mm long x 17 mm in diameter.  The lighter blue beads measure approximately 21 mm in length by 14 mm in diameter.  

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