Evil Eye Pendant X-Large


The Evil Eye symbol, as shown on this glass pendant, is oneof the oldest and most potent of amulets, or good luck charms. It dates back tothe dawn of civilization and can be found all across the globe. This charm does not so much bring good luckas help you avoid bad luck, particularly bad luck brought on by people who envy your circumstances. Whether you subscribe to the belief, it is a clear thateyes wide open may be useful in avoiding lifes pitfalls. This glass Evil Eyependant has a diameter of 45 mm and is 11mm thick at the center. We believe it will get you through Februaryand the Ides of March, perhaps as far as April Fools Day, promising someshelter from the the cold winter and sputtering economy. No guarantees that its power will last through tax day on April 15. But by then spring will have arrived and many troubles will have taken wing.

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