Meet Carlista...

Read all about our S&A Team Member Carlista in her own words:

Her beginnings at S&A Beads...

"I met our manager in a woodblock printing class we were both taking at Montgomery College. I had little experience in jewelry making prior to this job, but my skills in studio art made it easy to learn."

Carlista has many artistic talents which S&A is glad to benefit from, repair and design are her specialties...

   "Design and repairs are my specialty at the store. The creative process of jewelry making comes to me easily, but I’m always learning new techniques at work."

She loves working here...

   "It’s great to have a job where I can be creative. Being paid to make jewelry is my favorite part of work here, aside from seeing all the new gems and materials arrive."

...and we love seeing the beaded artworks she creates.


Click here to view her S&A Bead Portfolio. You're guaranteed to recognize a piece which caught your eye in store.


She is interested in participating in art shows and projects in the D.C. area.

View her work on:

Here is a comic book project which she was a part of illustrating recently:

Here are a few of her past works which have sold: