Black and White Polka Dot Skunk Beads


Really nice strand of black and white skunk beads, all with red and blue dots. While we see a fair number of black and white skunk beads, these are particularly nice examples. They are slightly larger than average, and just have a really nice patina, and the colored dots mark this is a rarer variety of skunk bead. (No wonder, as these beads are out of the estate of one of Washington, DC's premier bead collectors.) If you've been waiting to select just the right strand of skunk beads to your collection, you could certainly do worse than picking up these beauties! Strand measures just shy of 26 inches long, not including the approximately inch of raffia cord at the top. Beads vary in size, with the largest measuring 16 mm in diameter, and the smallest measuring 10 mm in diameter. The vast majority of the beads are on the larger end of the spectrum.

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