African Green & Yellow Disk Trade Bead Necklace


Trade bead necklace with four lovely hexagonal millefiori style trade beads in the center, and super-cool yellow and green disks making up the rest of the necklace.  Most of the beads are in very nice shape, although many show wear (mostly little chips) commensurate with their age.  

The millefiori beads are very nice example, and have six sides where the beads were repeatedly flattened during their manufacture.  These are large diameter beads, measuring 16 mm - 19 mm in diameter, depending on the bead and how they are measured.  The yellow and green disks are also in very good shape, although there are a few chips here and there.  The disks are slightly graduated, measuring between 14 mm - 17 mm diameter.

The necklace measure 24 inches long.  

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