Black "Dog Tooth" Strand & Loose Beads


Beautiful strand of "Dog's Tooth" (or sometimes called Hound's Tooth) design African trade beads.  These beads were made in Europe (likely Venice) in the 19th century and traded to African.  We see lots of these jagged black beads with white glass overlays, but these are particular nice exemplars.  The beads feel like older versions and the glass is just a really nice quality.  Hard to explain exactly what we mean -- but they did from the estate of a well-known member of the Washington DC Bead Society.  

Strand measures 26 inches long.  Individual beads measure between 9 mm and 11 mm in diameter.  

Note:  we also have a couple dozen additional loose beads out of the same lot, which are also available if you don't want the full strand.  Price is per bead for the Loose beads.  

Note 2:  the pictures really emphasize the "red" discoloration or stain on the beads.  It's definitely there when you look at the beads, but much less pronounced than the picture suggests.

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