Chevron Mix of Medium 4 & 6 Layer Beads (Price is per Bead)


This is a great collection of really beautiful medium sized four and six layer chevron beads.  Many of the beads on this strand have a lovely soft satin finish, which suggests that they were ground down over the years, or may be newly cut cane out of old stock.  These chevron are clearly Venetian in origin, with nice clear rosettes that are of higher quality than many new Indian or Chinese chevron production.  

No two beads are exactly the same, although most are similar in size and style.  The beads are predominately in what we would consider "excellent" condition, but are not "pristine."  This means that most beads will feature some sort of flaw; either a small nick or damage to one or two of the rosettes.  The beads measure 17 mm to 20 mm in diameter, and between 18 mm - 21 mm in length.  To get a sense of scale, the strand measures slightly over 12 inches of beads.  

Price is per bead -- we will pick the nicest of the bunch, or you can specify if there's a particular bead you want.  If you have a preference for four or six layers, let us know and we will accommodate that as well.  We will also do our best to match up pairs of beads if you want more than one.  If you are interested in the entire strand, let us know and we will calculate a price based on what we have left.  

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