Djenne Ancient Beads Strand


Lovely strand of ancient beads from Djenne, Mali and other parts of the ancient Islamic world. Overall, this strand is in really excellent condition.  Two of the three beads in the middle are in really excellent condition, while the third is missing one of its eyes. Another stand out bead is the rectangular cross section bead with large black eyes inset.  The majority of the eye beads are largely intact and have a lovely translucent blue color, tending towards a lovely translucent cobalt blue.  As is typical of these types of beads, most of the wear is along the "eyes" inset into the beads.  

We've heard various dates for these beads, but most sources seem to date them about the 10th century.  Strand measures about 30 inches long (not including the cord).  The center bead measures 16.8 mm in diameter by 13.8 mm wide.  

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