Djenne Mixed Strand


Wonderful little strand of Islamic-era glass beads from the ancient capital of Mali, Djenne. These beads date to somewhere between 800 - 1200 AD. They are extremely photogenic, and in good (although not perfect) condition. As you can see from the close ups, several of the beads have lost some of their detail over the years. Of the 30 beads on the strand, we estimate that approximately 10 are in what we would consider good to very good condition, six are in poor condition, and the rest are somewhere in between. Many of the smaller eye beads, however, are just gorgeous and feature great detailed mosaic cane, even if they aren't in perfect condition. 
For example, the beautiful large purple composite bead has a hole in the middle of it. Not exactly sure how that happened, but it's there in the middle of the bead. The large bead in the middle, while very cool, is fairly worn. Note also that the little black and white folded glass bicone is slightly cracked at one end, which prevents it from laying entirely right. But overall -- just a beautiful little collection is Djenne beads!
This parties strand measures 12 inches in length. The large black bead in the middle measures 18 mm in diameter, while the small little composite eye bead measures 7 mm in diameter.

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