Green, White, Red and Yellow Striped Black Trade Beads


Great strand of striped African trade beads, with a nice mix of unusual beads.  The majority of the beads are black trade beads with white, green, yellow, and brick red stripes.  These are particularly nice examples of the beads, many of which are a little fatter than they usually come.  There are 26 of the nice striped beads, of which about 20 are in good-excellent condition.  About 6 show major wear or chipping.  Almost all of the rest show at least some wear, but they are still quite nice.    

At the top of the strand are nine nice small fancy Venetian beads, which include some cool examples, including the blue and white bead in one of the closeups.  No idea what it is, but it's cool!  

Strand measures approximately 22 inches long.  The center striped beads measure about 15 mm in length by approximately 13 mm in diameter.  The blue and white bead at the top (also featured in the closeup) measures 21 mm long. 


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