Islamic Wound Glass Bead - Islamic Glass Wound Bead


This is a beautiful ancient wound glass bead from the Islamic world.  The bead has a black inner core, with blue and white glass lines that have been upturned into a lovely geometric "wave" pattern.  These trail decorations are beautiful, with a fabulous patina.  The bead looks very much like an ancient vase, with a large hole.  The extreme close up gives an excellent view of the bead's condition and all of the minor crackling of the glass that occurs on beads this old.  The bead has no major chips or imperfections, although the pattern is not as well preserved on the back of the bead.  Dating beads from the Islamic period is difficult, but we estimate this bead was made somewhere in the Middle East between 800 AD and 1400 AD.

The bead measures 23.5 mm tall x 27.5 mm in diameter. The hole measures approximately 7 mm at the base to 10 mm at the top. 

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