Islamic Era Black & White Glass Bead


Fabulous black & white bead from the Islamic era (approximately 9th - 15th Century). åÊ The bead has a black base, with white canes impressed onto the bead. åÊ Each cane has a bold black asterisk design. åÊ As you can see from the enlarged image, the bead is in really excellent shape, with no major chips or other flaws. åÊ A few of the canes show some minor red discoloration (basically rust) around the edges or inside the cane design, but that is typical of beads of this age. åÊ The canes are not entirely flush with the surface of the bead. åÊ If you look closely at the canes, they appear to be slightly transparent, most likely a dark blue. åÊ Just a very exciting and beautiful bead.

The bead measures 20.5 mm high x 20-21 mm in diameter.

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