Islamic Era Black & White Raised Eye Glass Bead


Wonderful and quirky -- this ancient bead from the Middle East resembles nothing must as an abstract modernist stoplight, even though it dates from sometime between the 9th - 15th Centuries. åÊ The bead features a number of raised eyes, each comprised of a a white base, with five additional alternating black and white glass circles. åÊ The eyes are raised up off of the cylindrical base of bead by approximately 5 mm. åÊ

The base of the bead is in really excellent condition, and most of the raised eyes are also in good condition. åÊ However, as you can see, the eyes on one side of the bead are flattened, either by excess wear or because the hot bead was slightly deformed during its creation. åÊ Four different views of the bead are available in the extremely close up version of the bead, which clearly shows the beautiful eyes, as well as the eyes that are not as perfect. åÊ Just a fabulously charismatic little bead.

The base of the bead measures 22.6 mm tall by approximately 16 mm in diameter (not including the eyes). åÊ Including the eyes, the bead measures between 16 and 20 mm in diameter. åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ

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