Large African Amber Strand


Wow - this is a gorgeous strand of what is commonly known as "African Amber" or "Copal Amber" in the trade.  Of course, as discussed in our recent blog posting, these are actually phenolic resin beads, likely made in Europe starting in the 1910s and part of the African trade as late as the post-World War II period.

This strand is just gorgeous.  The beads shine with an inner light and are all in great shape.  The red heat-treated bead in the middle is totally beautiful.  The large cube-shaped bead is made of a softer material and has a few scratches, but is also gorgeous.  

This is a large strand!  The necklace measures just under 30 inches long, and the largest bead measure 42 mm in diameter by 29 mm in width.  The smallest is about the size of an U.S. quarter (about 23 mm) in diameter.  The necklace is temporarily strong on green cord (which is fairly robust, but not that pretty).  

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