Red Ethiopian Skunk Beads


We recently came across a few strands of very old white heart "skunk" beads.  These beads have a white inner core, with a thin layer of red glass overlaying the white.  The beads then have white dots applied to the outer red shell.  For several years, we saw a good number of beads coming predominantly out of Ethiopia -- however, they have dried up in the last several years, and have become increasingly difficult to find.

These particular strands are quite lovely -- with a nice dark red color. The individual beads, however, are in fairly poor condition.  Few, if any, of the beads on any given strand are cracked, but the outer glass on many of the beads has started to degrade, giving the beads a pitted or pock-marked appearance.  Still, we are making these beads available at a fabulous price -- and there are many beautiful beads within each strand.  Hopefully someone will give these beads a wonderful home; they really are some of our favorites.

Strands measure 25 inches long, and individual beads measure approximately 11 mm in diameter.

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