Antique Sand Cast & Mixed Glass Beads


These are strands of mixed antique sand cast and various types of other glass beads that we received by way of Nigeria, though they are actually made in Ghana by the Krobo people. Each of the beads on this strand is a classic example of rare African Trade Beads from the 18th to early 20th century. There are åÊONLY 5 åÊnecklaces that are all just a little bit different; each one varies from the next in the colors, shapes and sizes of the beads, but they are all similar. They average about 27 - 30 inches in length. A great way to have an instant collection of these charming, colorful beads that are a salute to the glorious beads of old Africa! åÊ(To give a sense of size, the African-Dutch trade "dog's teeth" beads (round black beads with a single horizontal white stripe), which nearly every strand features, measure approx. 10 mm long x 11 mm diam., and the yellow striped tubular beads measure approx. 14 mm long x 8 mm diam.)

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