Rare Trade Bead Strand in Mixed Condition


This is a lovely strand of unusual and rare trade beads that are in mixed condition.  The main part of the strand are gorgeous trail decorated Venetian trade beads, with a black core and nice striping of "lattachino" cane laid parallel.  While these beads are quite beautiful, almost all have some noticeable crack, chip or other damage.  They are still gorgeous -- just not in great condition.  The remainder of the strand features some very nice Millefiori "elbow" beads, which are about 50% in good condition and 50% with noticeable chips or damage.  All in all - a great strand of beads!

The strand measures approximate 28 inches long.  The large barrels in the middle measure between 13 - 14 mm in diameter and as much as 40 mm in length (these are big beads!).  One of the nicer elbows at the top of the strand measures 44 mm in length x 10 mm in diameter.

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