African Sand Cast Beads


These strands of African sand cast beads are approx. 23-25" long. The sizes and designs on these beads vary greatly. Each strand features two types of beads--beads with a yellow base color and multicolor stripes, and beads with a white base color and blue stripes. Often there are some random bright yellow and dark green beads thrown in as well. The beads measure between 10 mm (length) x 9.5 mm (diameter) and 16 mm x 8 mm. The striped designs on the yellow beads vary greatly. There are rust-brown, orange, blue, and white stripes. Stripes are oriented horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and even at times in a feather pattern. The two strands pictured here show a good mix of the different types of designs found in this group of sand cast beads.
If you are more interested in the beads that have a yellow base color with multicolor stripes, you can purchase strands with these beads exclusively. Those strands can be found in the product listing with SKU sandcast34. Simply click on the left arrow twice in order to view this product listing. åÊ

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