Strand of Rare Fancy Trade Beads


This is a wonderfully beautiful strand of Venetian-made beads traded to Africa during the 19th century.  Many of the beads on this strand are among the most desirable beads in the African trade; however, these particular beads have had something of a tough life.  

  • Two of the fancy decorated red white heart beads are cracked in half, many of the others are intact but show cracks, and the rest need some cleaning.  
  • Two of the black and white skunk beads are likewise cracked.  
  • Several of the beads at the top are in excellent condition, including several white hearts and spiral glass decorated beads.  
  • And the white decorated beads were totally gorgeous at one point -- but now show extensive wear.  Even with the problems, this is still a highly desirable strand of beads!

Strand measures approximately 20 inches in length.  The red white hearts measure 12 mm in diameter.  

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