Turkoman Silver and Gold Pendant


Beautiful 19th century Turkoman pendant, featuring beaten gold that's been inlaid over an antique silver pendant. Unlike many Turkoman pieces, the gold on this one is not a wash, but actual gold that was beaten and shaped, and then applied to the silver background - just beautiful. The stones are carnelian and show some wear - in particular, the right-most stone has a noticeable chip. The silver appears to be a medium-grade silver alloy, as it's too thin to be high-grade silver. A few of the gold decorations across the top have fallen off or are are partially missing. The bells on the bottom also appear to be an old silver alloy. Still, for such an old piece, it is in excellent condition.

The pendant measures approximately 100 mm across, and 64 mm tall, including the bail. The silver bells are about 2 inches long. 


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