Unfinished Necklace of Large Yemen Silver Beads (All Signed)


Beautiful Yemen silver bead necklace with the characteristic "Flower Design", comprised of many tiny "leaves" with tiny silver dot "stems" hand applied to each bead, often with a little curly setting (reminiscent of a flower).  These beads were made by Jewish silver smiths living in Yemen before World War II.  These beads are beautiful gems -- all in this necklace bear the signature of the artist in the form of small silver signature tiles that have been affixed to the beads.  The beads have a lovely patina and are all just gorgeous.   

This 24 inch necklace is unfinished, in that there are some lovely bead cones at the top, but no clasp, and the string is somewhat worn at the ends.  The beads are graduated, with the largest beads measuring 42 mm in diameter, and the smallest measuring about 27 mm in diameter.  Note that no bead is exactly perfect -- they are, after all, thin silver and probably about 100 years old, and several of the largest beads in the middle of the strand have noticeable (but minor) dents.  The strand measures 257 grams in total.

If you are interested in getting this strand professionally strung, please let us know. 

The history of these amazing beads is laid out best by our friends at Beadazzled, who catalog the hidden mystery of their meaning and their use as wedding jewelry in Yemeni culture.     

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