Yemen Koran Box Pendant


Yemen silver box with the characteristic "Dot Design", comprised of many tiny silver dots that have been hand applied to the pendant.  Jewelry of this type was made by Jewish silver smiths living in Yemen before World War II and often features a verse of the Koran inside.  This pendant is lovely, but definitely feels less polished than some Yemen jewelry.  

The pendant measures 46 mm tall and 48 mm wide (so almost, but not quite, a square).  It's also almost 12 mm thick and weighs 28.0 grams.  

The back of the pendant also shows some significant wear, with a significant indentation around a central circle (probably the Koran verse).  The sides are also slightly damaged.  But for all the problems, it's still lovely and entirely intact.       

The history of Yemeni silver is laid out best by our friends at Beadazzled.

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