Pair of 20 Franc Silver Coin Fibula


We have a pair of these amazing French-Moroccan coins that were made into Fibula, or clothing fasteners, used by Moroccan women to fasten their flowing robes. These 20 Franc coins are just gorgeous -- they date from 1352 in the Islamic calender, or 1933 in the Gregorian calendar. Silver coins from this era are approximately 90 percent silver.  

The condition of the coins is excellent, and the artist was quite careful in attaching the fibula pieces and using high-quality coin silver. The coin says Maroc and 20 Francs on one side, and on the reverse says "Empire Cherifien", which is the French name for Morocco and has the Islamic date. Traditionally, a single woman would wear one fibula, and then the groom would give her a matched fibula on their wedding day. Henceforth, the woman would wear the pair of fibula.   Traditionally, fibula were a sign of wealth among the Berber peoples of Morocco.

A family's wealth was often signified by the weight and size of the fibula she wore on festive occasions. The coins measure 34 mm in diameter and 114 mm tall. Each fibula weighs approximately 37 grams. Price is for the pair. 

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