Blue Wedding Cake Bead Strand


Wow! Amazing strand of light and dark blue wedding cake zigzag beads. It is very rare to see beads of this type in these particular colors. Of the beads on this strand, two are cracked and two have major structural flaws. Of the 11 dark blue beads in the center, three have mostly intact decorations, while the remainder of the beads are missing some or most of their trailed decorations. But still, the dark blue beads are absolutely gorgeous even with all of their flaws.
The turquoise beads at the top of the strand are also in mixed condition, with three being what we would call good to excellent condition (for old and fragile beads) and the rest in medium to poor condition. Note that all of the cracked beads are of the light-blue variety.
Strand measures twenty inches long and individual beads measure 20 x 11 mm.

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