Mixed Size Chevrons (with Bohemian Glass)


This is a 43 inch strand of 88 remarkable and unique beads. The center bead is molded Bohemian glass that has been hand faceted. It is in good but not mint condition. Collectors will relish searching for the seven layer squared chevron (withåÊ chips along two edges) in the strand and the five layer beads with a next-to-center black layer. The brick red bead started its life as something altogether different and was ground down sometime in its long history. The small ones are mostly six layers with a few fours and five layers thrown in. The little brown bead, probably Murano glass, remains beautiful despite its obvious wear. Altogether a collector's delight.åÊAnd for designers, this strand of diverse but related beads provides basic elements for a number of earrings, bracelets, pendants, sculptural work, etc. Any piece of jewelry or sculptural work including beads of such high pedigree would command a high price and considerable prestige among jewelry and bead collectors alike!

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