Large Tuareg Coin Silver Agate Ring/Pendant


Fabulous antique silver and agate triangle ring or pendant.  This is just a beautiful example of this type of traditional Tuareg art form.  The silver is gorgeous, with a nice luster, typical of older Tuareg pieces and it was most likely made from old European coins that were melted down, along with some other silver-colored metals.  The workmanship is very nice, with bold etching in the silver.  At some point, the ring was likely cracked, and repaired.  The repair is still noticeable, but does not detract from the total experience of this piece at all.      

These days, most people use these pieces as decorate centerpieces of necklaces or simply on a nice leather cord.  But originally, this beautiful -- and heavy -- piece was probably worn in the hair of a Tuareg woman as part of an elaborate headdress.  In fact, pieces of this kind are getting harder and harder to find in Morocco -- we were lucky to find two that were in good enough shape to purchase.  

This pendant measures 83 mm tall x 31 mm in width and 22 mm deep.  It weighs 76.7 grams.  

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