Massively Long Green Striped Trade Beads


This is a gorgeous strand of green trade beads with yellow, blue, white, and orange/red stripes.  The strand is perfectly matched and almost all of the green beads are in great condition.  

In the middle of the strand are five wonderfully rare dark grey beads with black and white trail decorations.  These middle beads are beautiful -- but two have noticeable gaps in the middle of the bead, and several of them show hairline cracks.  These cracks and flaws don't really detract from the beads, but they are worth noting.  On either side of the grey beads are two particularly nice black feathered beads.  

As we mentioned, the strand is massively long -- measuring approximately 36 inches.  The largest of the center grey beads measure 16 mm long by 13 mm in diameter.  An average green bead measures 15 mm long by 10 mm in diameter.  

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