Old Brass Beads from Ethiopia


Beautiful old brass beads from Ethiopia.  The patina on these beads is really remarkable -- many have been lovingly tooled and all the sharp edges have long since worn away.  There's a mix of metals on this strand -- the vast majority appear to be copper, but there are also some brass beads, and even a couple of silver-colored metal beads, which we think are aluminum.  

This is a super-long strand, measuring 35 inches long.  It also is extremely heavy -- these are some weighty beads!  The beads range in size between 10 mm in diameter for the very smallest beads, up to 22 mm in diameter for the very largest.  On average, the beads measure about 14-16 mm in diameter.  

 These beads were just so beautiful and unusual that after putting them back at least twice, they kept worming their way back into the "buy" pile.  Despite their steep price, who were we to say no?  So not cheap -- but I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.    

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