Faceted Carnelian & Glass Beads


Amazing African strand of large, faceted beads. This is a great strand full of beautiful 19th/early 20th century hand faceted glass and carnelian beads. Most of the larger beads are actually in pretty good shape. Some have more wear than others, but they have rather few chips or cracks. One the larger beads is completely worn down. There are three large, yellow faceted glass beads and the rest are carnelian. The upper portion of the strand features some very nicely worn faceted Czech glass beads and one great yellow bumpy bead with a green glass stripe going around the middle -- a great bead!

The strand measures 28 inches long and the strand needs to be restrung -- there is a great deal of slack the way it is currently strung. The center bead measures ~32 mm in diameter.

Category: Carnelian, Stone Beads

Type: Stone Beads

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