Bringing New Life to Old Stones: Ruby Necklace

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Bringing New Life to Old Stones: Ruby Necklace


These lovely deep red opaque rubies are highlighted by gold filled daisy spacer beads.  See this necklace on our site. The facets lend a sparkle to the piece. Though newly re-strung by Zoe Stern our former and immensely talented manager, on medium gauge Soft-flex, the necklace is evocative of an earlier time and another place.

Ruby is the birth stone for July. It has traditionally been associated with love and friendship. It is recommended for 15 year and 40 year anniversaries. Associated with Capricorn, we don’t know why. Rubies have been touchstones for poets, gurus, messiahs, and holy people of many of the world’s great religions, and appear in many famous quotes. Click here for some examples. My favorite, from the Bible is: Who can find a virtuous woman, For her price is far above rubies. 

There is a lot to know about rubies, which we’re still trying to learn: geology, market value, opaque vs. translucent, cuts, enhancements. Gemstone Education is a good site.

What we do know about this ruby necklace is that it is beautiful. A great piece and a great example of bringing new life to old stones! Something we and our customers like to do at S & A Beads in Takoma Park and online through


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