Snow Day!

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We were able to open today but only for a few hours thanks to the intrepid Lisa O‘Brien, who usually walks or bikes to work at our shop at 6929 Laurel Avenue. She is our snow person, living within walking distance and most important willing to help out as she can in the store, when others can’t get there, in addition to her regular shift.

Tomorrow she and her husband, sister and mother are going to Boston, to visit another sister who has been under siege from the relentless Boston snows for a long time. Lisa had three hours for us. In addition to serving the intrepid customers who made it through the door, she spent the time fixing the broken jewelry of her Boston sister. Worked out great for all of us.

I am the other walking distance staff member at S & A Beads. So this morning Kathleen and I and our granddaughter’s dog, a Beagle named Waffle, so-called for the color of his fur, hiked to the shop, and spent some hours there. Fortunately, all the hardy souls that wandered in the shop liked dogs, in particular beagles. Which was a good thing. I told Waffle that he had NO FUTURE in retail. Although he is very interested in and very friendly to customers, which is a good quality for a sales person, he tends to howl inappropriately, which is definitely a negative in closing sales. He also paces and stares out the front door of the shop. We all abandoned the field around 2:30, at the urging of our daughter and General Manager, Emily. Kathleen concurred. We had a lovely walk back home, though chillier than the morning walk.

Friday, March 6, our people made it in. Meanwhile, our web store is lots of fun. . Happy to report views are up in this weather. Lots of window shopping (and Apple shopping as well) from the comfort of home.

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