Naomi Lindstrom

Posted on March 08, 2016 by Abe Silverman | 1 comment

Naomi Lindstrom was one of the great bead collectors of the 20th century.  She passed away a few years ago after amassing one of the finest bead collections in history.  Her personal story is just wonderful -- working as a Pan Am stewardess in the 1950s, she traveled all over the world buying beads with her per diem!  (There are some great stories about her and a nice article by Jamey Allan about her collection in this PDF:

So we in the bead collecting community watched with bated breath as Mrs. Lindstrom's collection was auctioned off earlier this week.  There are some very lucky bead buyers out there -- but for the rest of us, just flipping through the catalog (which includes some Pan Am days pictures and discussion of her charitable work with Tibetan refugees) is quite fascinating!  The Tibetan silver needle case on a strand of unbelievable Tibetan coral was one of the highlights!


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Dixie Kennedy
Dixie Kennedy

May 20, 2016

By chance did you purchase any of the Naomi Lindstrom collection for resale?

Regards, Dixie Kennedy

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