Mathematically-Inspired Fashion Jewelry by L.S. Watson on Display at S&A Beads!

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As part of our participation in the Takoma Park ART HOP 2016, this weekend, April 9 and 10th, S & A Beads will feature jewelry artist and math whiz, L.S. Watson. His elegant silver, bronze and copper jewelry faithfully represents three dimensional geometric forms discovered by mathematicians during the last 150 years: example, things like the Moebius Strip.

Larry is fascinated with the Geometry of Minimal Surfaces, sometimes called the Geometry of Soap Bubbles.  The idea is that when children wave or blow into their soap bubble wands, the shapes that result contain the least surface area of any shapes that could be formed under the same conditions. Deep stuff in a child’s soap bubble!

Larry is not content to create the forms in metal, but he manipulates them as well: What happens when a strip is folded or twisted together with another strip of the same type? To achieve these effects in metal jewelry, the artist has recourse to 3-D printing and other state of the art tools. The solution to the geometry and engineering problems turns out to be the most elegant and intriguing personal ornaments I have seen in a very long while.

Check out our shop window this week-end to see L.S. Watson's beautiful jewelry in person -- and than walk around to the other stores in Takoma Park to see wonderful art from all of the Art Hop participants!  Math majors have always understood the beauty of their subject. Now all of us can see it, and wear it as well.

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